Friday, January 18, 2008

only me!!

Hello all,
just wanted to say have a great weekend.
I have some pictures through of the Breakfast bash that we had on Tuesday and will pop those in shortly.......
I have had a very busy week as Tuesday is my long day, with part time students in the evening. We always make very, very nice food and I am afraid I am piling on the reason why I got up at 6am this morning and walked to the train station, before completing my commute of 2 hours from door to door.
After these last 7 years I still hate that, but love my job, and the environment and students at EHWLC they are all unique and even the naughty ones have got hidden talents.
On Wednesday I stayed in London to celebrate my good ladys' B'day and on Thursday I study myself.
So I know also what it is like to be a student!
see you soon
mc and the sunshine crew :)

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