Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Cooking up a breakfast feast with Brian Turner

Wow!! It was an early start for some this morning; students and staff.

Celebrity Chef Brian Turner showed up with all the media types in tow....

He worked with our young student chefs to promote Breakfast, the meal we all miss. But this time even some daring kids were bowled over by the delicious Porridge, Bacon butties and French Toast...even poached eggs were made simple.

After the Great Farmhouse Breakfast Challenge, Brian was back in the kitchen to launch into a masterclass, with tips for all our specially selected students.

The taste kitchen was a great venue, and became a hub of excitement with loads of staff and students trying to take an envious peek at all the lovely grub.

Everyone could have a bite to eat in the restaurant, and folks dropped in from all over college!!

If you get a chance, look at BBC Breakfast show who were on hand to broadcast live as it happened.

Soon as I get the piccies printed I will bung them in here for you all to see.

Happy cooking!!

MC and the Hospitality Crew


martin king said...

This looks great - you can do so much in the catering section.

I'm looking forward to seeing what goes on there - photo's of what you have cooked the good and the bad souffle

Hospitality and Catering Events said...

thanks Martin!!
I hope to get a few good cooking photos on there as soon as I can.
I will post again soon.