Friday, January 18, 2008

Here are the photos of Brian Turner & Staff + students

Spot the difference????
Caption competition???????
Well it's the end of the week finally, and after using my train journey to clear my emails, and complete one of my own assignments, I got home and put my little feet up for a mo.

I tend to spend some of my journey thinking about my day, what I said and did, what I could have said and done better. I had some very nice students today who I will teach with BC for the next ten weeks. I am looking forward to it and also using our brand new IT suite.
Thinking about Monday, we have a competition being hosted at the college in our restaurant, and I will report on that soon.
-in the meantime have a great weekend and enjoy the pictures.
best wishes

MC and the Sunlight crew


Liz Boyden said...

Looks like it was fun (and tasty)!

Hospitality and Catering Events said...

it was fun and very scrumptious- were you not a hungry hippo then?? did not see you for the freebies!!

martin king said...

Brian was a very nice man - really accommodating.

I have a photo of him at