Monday, January 28, 2008

about time too!! What will the public say?!?!

Hello everyone,
well I broke the 1st 2 rules my middle'n' gave me:
  1. don't be pretentious
  2. update regularly

I have been off the radar so to speak inanutshellytypething.....I have been busy though in Acton, participating in a LAA inspection panel.

A very difficult thing to do, but we got there in the end without falling out too much.

since I have been back in BC all things are go, and I now have a group of PGDip students who are great!!

Last week, I missed eating in Taste restaurant, as we were locked into our base room in Acton with a big minder called Dave.....I lived on sandwiches, but sneaked out on Thursday to enjoy 'TASTE OF SCOTLAND' a Burns celebration that has been a tradition at the college for a number of years, our own DM addressed the Haggis (Hamish) as she is of the Caledonian ilk... if that is the expression that I want.

Actually since Tuesday, I have been a bit more relaxed, as my wife and little boy are to be honest I did not wash the dishes or even begin the list of chores that were left for me....I intend to start this evening, say midnight.....nothing like a bit of pressure!!

I , realise now how difficult it is to keep a blog going and to regularly update, so my hat is already off to you wonderful I said to my son ....pretentious? Moi?

see you soon

MC and the inspection crew

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